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We use muscle testing, supplements, body work & nutrition to help sick people heal 





    understanding the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole


    treatment of the whole person, considering mental, social, diet, genetic, and toxicity factors contributing to disease, rather than focusing on symptom suppression

Fast Results

Gentle Testing

15 Years Experience

Looking for answers to your illness?

Unwell, but tests are "normal"

Tired of managing symptoms

Diet changes not giving results

No clue what supplement you need

Chronic illness - we've been there
We can help


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Clinic Director

Registered Nutritionist

Doctorate PhD Candidate

Research Assistant

Client Care

Laser Therapist


Certified Functional Nutritionist

Metabolic Balance Coach

We help sick people heal from complex issues that have been deemed "incurable" or permanent

" [ my numbers are the closest to normal they've been in 6 years, my energy levels are better and I feel positive about my future ] " 

- 63 yr old female

"12 years of migraines  resolved after 1 visit"

- 30 yr old female 

" Shawn was truly the only one who could piece everything together . . . it's no exaggeration to say that he brought me back to life "


- 56 yr old male  

"I'm thankful that the last 4 years I've been able to smell and taste and feel better"


- 74 yr old male  

"My husband has been off all diabetes medication for over 4 years - thanks Shawn!"


- Jackie, 60

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Calm Woman

STEP 1: Virtual consultation

STEP 2: Initial assessment

STEP 3: Follow - up visits

Get started

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We use a multi-disciplinary approach to assess the whole body and identify the root cause of symptoms

We customize nutritional plans & supplement protocols.


  1. Nutritional Assessment

  2. Do's & don't checklist

  3. Meal Plan

  4. Allergen-friendly recipe book

  5. Regular coaching calls & consistent check-ins