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Certified Functional Nutritionist & Metabolic Balance Coach 

Lia Gomez Lowe is a Certified Functional Nutritionist and Metabolic Balance Coach with a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition. She specializes in supporting clients with:


 ✓Personalized Protocols 

 ✓Writing Meal Plans 

 ✓Balancing Hormones 

 ✓Addressing Fertility Issues 


 ✓Improving Metabolic Function for Weight Loss ​


When working with Lia, clients get a real sense that a healthier, happier life is well within reach.

Lia’s passionate and helpful nature is obvious from the first appointment, and her determination to see results holds strong throughout all of her sessions. Lia attributes much of her clients’ success to a system of consistent check-ins; this keeps everyone motivated, on track and accountable over the long term.

Introduction To Working With Lia

Introduction To Working With Lia

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