Frequently Asked Questions

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing (Neuromuscular Biofeedback) is a test that uses a person's muscle response to a particular stimulus in order to determine the physical, chemical and energetic state of the body. How a person's brain and nervous system responds to specific stimulus can show:

- Nutritional deficiencies
- Bone misalignment
- Pathogenic activity
- Food sensitivities
- Allergies
- Blocks in acupuncture system
- State of the immune system
- Ideal dosing of supplements

Free Nerve Endings (FNE) are receptors on the skin responsible for carrying messages to sensory neurons, to the spine and up to the brain via afferent nerve fibres.

The brain interprets the stimulus and sends a reply out via the efferent fibres towards peripheral effector organs like glands and muscles. This way, testing is instant, accurate and specific to the current state of the body. [ VIDEO COMING SOON]

What health & safety guidelines are followed (pandemic)?

- Mandatory screening questionnaire - Mandatory masks for both practicioners and clients - Handwashing protocol upon entry - Frequent cleaning and sanitation of all frequently touched surfaces - Spacing out of clients

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! We are covered by most insurance companies under "Registered Nutritionist". Are you not covered by your insurance company?

This may help you make a choice as to why you should still work with us... We strive to support our clients to the full extent of our abilities and keep access to health service affordable. Each Quantum Natural Medicine Appointment is a total value of nearly $1,200, as we cover some of the following treatments and testing options: $150 average - Chiropractic adjustments $ 75 average - Accupuncture visit $ 200 average - Osteopathic adjustments $ 100 average - Energy balancing $ 500 average - Genetic testing $ 300 average - Food allergy & intolerance testing (IGG/ IGG) We offer answers to their health concerns, accurate testing and accurate supplement protocols designed for their needs. No more wasting money on multiple specialists, fad diets, or supplements that don't work. We provide answers and results.

How are you different than a Dietician? Or just another Nutritionist?

Nutritionists and Dieticians are very different.

In our clinic, we believe each individual body has unique nutritional requirements based on genetics, active infections, digestive distress, mental-emotional stress and food intolerances.
We are unique because we do hands-on testing to uncover, with precise detail, exactly what nutrients are missing. We also test the form and dosage required for the individual to clear their deficiencies. Zero guessing is involved. No waiting on test results. Our reccommendations are specific and tailored to your current needs. We never give generalized reccommendations, because every body is unique.

This saves our clients money in the long run by supplementing only with what their body truly requires, as opposed to taking generic supplement reccommendations. In addition to clinical nutrition, we use the following supplementary modalities when needed to address health issues in our clients: - accupressure
- structural alignment (osteopathic / chiropractic adjustments) - mind-body work - light therapy

Why do you call your technique "Precision Medicine"


Precsion medicine is the ability to test the body's current biochemical state and uncover:
- hidden nutritional deficiencies - food allergies & intolerances - genetic issues - immune function - precense of active or chronic infection The tests provide immediate and accurate results through neurological feedback testing via main muscle groups.