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Our 3 Step Process
On a Video Call


Free consultation 

15 minute phone or video call

  • We schedule a virtual meeting to review your case.


  • We identify common causes of your health issues and outline a plan of action to address them.


  • We explain our method, book your initial assessment and share an estimated timeline for your recovery. 

Want to book?  


Text us at (647) 559-0842, email or book online below:



Initial assessment

In-person (1 hr)


  • A total body analysis of nutritional deficiencies, musculoskeletal issues, and energetic blockages.


Includes: orthopaedic evaluation, 

acupuncture assessment, immune & hormone assessment, food sensitivity & nutritional testing and food & supplement protocols.


Virtual (30 mins)

  • A detailed analysis of your health history and current symptoms.


Includes: customized food & supplement protocols.



Follow up visits

In-person (30 min)


  • Measure your healing through a comprehensive reassessment

  • Adapt protocols as your body changes.


Includes: energetic, biomechanics and nutritional therapies are provided at all appointments.


Virtual (30 mins)

  • Symptom reevaluation to track changes

  • Adapt protocols as needed. 


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