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Heart disease is one of the top 3 leading causes of death in America. Drug and surgical approaches have been largely unsuccessful in treating heart disease, hence the continued epidemic. Perhaps even more devastating, has been the totally misguided "preventative" dietary recommendations spread by conventional medicine, the government, and the media.

For years they have recommended (1) a low-fat diet, while promoting very dangerous alternatives such as margarine and highly processed vegetable oil;  (2) extremely high allowances for refined/processed sugar in the diet, while also promoting artificial sweeteners as a safe option; and (3) have wrongly blamed dietary cholesterol as a major cause of heart disease and have significantly restricted its allowance in the diet. 

These misguided preventative measures are based on an incomplete model of  the heart's physiology and is at the root of the epidemic of heart disease in America. 

Shawn M. Persaud ( 2 |  18 | 2017 )




Fortunately, mainstream medicine has caught up with the research and the new government guidelines better reflect the views of Holistic Medicine in that they have confirmed that:

(1) low-fat diets are dangerous and contribute to heart disease;

(2) refined/processed and artificial sugars contribute to heart disease (and virtually every other disease) and should be minimally consumed (I believe it should be eliminated) from the diet; and

(3) dietary cholesterol is NOT a significant contributing factor to heart disease.

Halved Avocado

Perhaps even more shocking...

Research has confirmed that the heart's pumping action is not entirely responsible for pushing blood through the 250,000 miles of blood vessels in the body. In addition, mainstream medicine has discovered that the heart behaves a lot like an endocrine gland (hormone producing tissue) and there is even a new theory on how blood moves in the body (i.e., blood moves independently of the heart’s action through electromagnetic flux-induced, vortex action).

So if the heart is not just a pump, what is it?


The heart is the generator of virtually the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy found in the body, and it is sensory tissue. Over 65% of the neurons in the heart are dedicated to reading/sensing changes inside and outside of your body. The heart has a brain of its own and operates independently of the head brain. In fact, the heart senses what will happen 5-10 seconds before any of the five senses in the head brain can even register what they are processing!

Disease and dysfunction often arises from the incoherence between the heart brain and the head brain.


The incoherent signals throw off every hormone and tissue, and lead to a breakdown in your body’s resistance to infections, and disease. Identifying and correcting incoherent signals between the heart & brain can lead to optimum health in the body, mind, and spirit. 

On the Bright Side...

More effective treatment options are being researched by conventional medicine and will be offered by mainstream hospitals in the future. However, this process may take many years, possibly decades.

Your health and well-being can't afford to wait for mainstream medicine to catch up. It is critical for you to be proactive about heart health - prevention is key! 

Caring Child


Many of us in the world of holistic medicine have been working with the true understanding of the heart's physiology for many decades and have had very positive clinical outcomes in healing a wide range of cardiovascular and related diseases, including: 

High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, blocked arteries, high cholesterol, diabetes, POTS, cardiac arrhythmia, dysautonomia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arrhythmia, valve regurgitation, and tachycardia.

And we do it without the use of drugs or surgery! 

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 9.54.26 PM.png

Thanks to new technology we can now measure the degree of incoherence between the heart and brain and we then use highly effective techniques to reestablish balance between both.

We can further detect the resulting problems of heart and brain disharmony using a variety of Neuro-Cardiac Techniques to identify and correct the various types of incoherence between the head, heart, and body.

Current diagnostic technologies in mainstream medicine are less than ideal: The first sign of a heart attack is often a heart attack itself (which leaves you with a 50% chance of survival). Other forms of heart disease also go virtually undetected for many years until the disease has significantly progressed to the point where it is sometimes already too late to effectively treat. 

You have options


Holistic medicine offers an array of diagnostic and treatment options that often help us detect and address problems even before symptoms begin to appear!


(1) Click here for a great article reviewing Dr. Thomas Cowan M.D's book - Human Heart, Cosmic Heart:  A Doctor's Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease. (presents compelling information and evidence for how blood circulates in the body and novel treat options for heart disease.

(2) Click here for research relating to new theories of blood circulation originally published in in the Fall-Winter 1995 issue [Volume 5,  #1] of "Frontier Perspectives," the journal of the Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa.) 

The Center for Holistic Healthcare & Education Inc. specializes in the restoration of health for people with previously unresponsive & chronic illnesses. If you have done everything you and your doctor know to do, but are still struggling, please contact our client care center by e-mail or call 647 559 0842. Can't make it in person? Ask us about scheduling a Distance Session! ​​​​

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