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There are new cycles of flu viruses every 6-8 weeks and it's possible to catch the flu at any time of the year. However, in colder climates, we tend to spend more time indoors, where there is increased contact with germs. In combination with lower consumption of fruit as they dwindle out of season, and losing our ability to produce Vitamin D from the sun, the chance of infection increases. 


However, contrary to popular belief, contact with a variety of microbes actually helps to support immunity! That said, regular exposure to a variety of microbes and even the occasional cold & flu is necessary for the immune system to maintain itself to prevent more serious illnesses. On that note, it's always good to be prepared with some natural solutions should you fall sick, to make the process more comfortable and to avoid pharmaceutical options - which should only be considered as a last resort.

In this article:

  • My Top Cold & Flu Remedies

  • Foods To Eliminate at The 1st Sign of Infection 

Shawn M. Persaud ( 11 |  10 | 2019 )



These natural remedies aim to support hydration, replenish lost electrolytes, maximally nourish the body to support healthy immune function, kill pathogens, support detoxification, reduce inflammation, clear mucous, and more! 

  • Homemade chicken and beef bone broths, and vegetable broths

  • Fresh Garlic (Also available in supplement form)

  • Freshly pressed celery juice (2 cups on an empty stomach in the morning)

  • Freshly pressed cucumber juice (2 cups on an empty stomach in the evening)

  • Natural electrolyte drink (Purified water, with freshly squeezed lemon or lime, raw honey, and a pinch of 100% pure Himalayan salt), Coconut water is also a great natural electrolyte drink - Drink large quantities throughout the day.

  • Herbal teas (Thyme, Ginger, Holy Basil, Echinacea, Rose Hips, Peppermint, Nettle, Elderberry and Hibiscus are great options).

  • Significantly increase your fruit intake - Smoothies can be particularly soothing when you are ill. Fresh or frozen fruits are equally good options.

  • Nutritional supplements and natural medicines: These can be used strategically to support the healing process. Natural supplements and medicines should be targeted to your specific needs, which are best determined through the expertise of a Holistic Nutritionist. 


  • dairy

  • wheat/gluten

  • refined/processed/artificial sugar 

  • eggs 

  • corn 

  • vegetable/canola oil 

  • processed meats (cold cuts) 

  • pork 

N.B.These foods are known to “feed” pathogens of all types (viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic) and accelerate their growth significantly, which can worsen symptoms and prolong the duration of infection. Also, many of these foods interfere with common pharmaceutical drugs (including antibiotics) and can even make natural supplements less effective. By eliminating these problem foods at the first sign of infection, you can slow down its progression significantly! 

The Center for Holistic Healthcare & Education Inc. specializes in the restoration of health for people with previously unresponsive & chronic illnesses. If you have done everything you and your doctor know to do, but are still struggling, please contact our client care center. For more information or to schedule a private consultation please e-mail or call 647 559 0842. Can't make it in person? Ask us about scheduling a Distance Session!

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